Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vixen Vintage: How to tie a 40s head scarf.

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies!" Can you tell we're excited about V Festival at LouLou HQ? I can honestly say I'e never felt so unprepared, except for how to style my hair. I have a few ideas to keep hair looking stylish, but any vintage loving lady should learn how to tie one of their many square scarves land girl style. So, since I look really very tired and un-made up today I decided to do a cheeky bit of tutorial borrowing from the gorgeous Solanah at Vixen Vintage.

It's a super easy head scarf up do. It's great for bad hair days, covering up pin curls, a typical 40s look and definitely for festivals! So, grab your scarf of choice and check out these simple steps courtesy of Solanah. If you'd like to browse the rest of her blog, and I can highly recommend you do, pop over here:

You will need a medium-large cotton square scarf.

Fold said scarf in half to make a triangle.

Drape over your shoulders in a shawl style with the point of the triangle facing down.

Lift both sides of the scarf either side of your head.

Gently tie each side of the scarf on top of your head. Secure with kirby grips if needs be.

The back point of the triangle needs pulling upwards. While you do this, try and push your hair into the space left in the scarf.

Lay the point over the knot you've already tied.

Tie a further knot over the point to secure it.

Tuck in the edges of the scarf so none of your hair escapes.

Ta-dah!  Secure with kirby grips if necessary.

 Do you have any great festival hair ideas? Or any ideas for our blog whatsoever? Send them over to us! We love to hear from you xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Kimono - Kimoyes

We are still in the midst of festival season and as LouLou's team prepare to pitch our fabulous fair at V Festival next week we are talking about what to take with us in the office. We are all suckers for huge sleeves, whether on a beautiful 70s maxi or on a flippy 60s mini. So it's no surprise we're all after a glamorous kimono to cover up with, the bigger the sleeves and the more tassels the better!


The 1920s drew inspiration from the far East for lounge wear, the kimono inspired dressing gown was an incredibly elegant addition to any woman's wardrobe. Popular actresses at the time Betty Compson, Marion Davies and Louise Brooks show off their silk robes here both on and off screen.

If you're in the market for something truly authentic then check out this 1920s beauty I found on Etsy for a cool £251. The colours are just amazing though, I could lounge forever in this silk cover up. Sigh.


Fast forward to the 21st Century and the kimono makes a come back. Nicole Richie has always been a boho queen, with 70s maxis and head dresses being a regular style choice. So it's no wonder she's been spotted rocking a kimono or 10!

There are umpteen wonderful kimonos on the internet. It was hard deciding which ones to suggest you go and buy! See above for an example of the 20s kimonos available online, if that's a little out of your price range (it's certainly out of ours - sob!) the high street has some fab alternatives that will see you through any festival. So here's a start. Three very different takes on the modern kimono cover up.

Traditional peacock print eBay
Vibrant stardust fabric at ASOS
Huge tassels at SheVamps Vintage who are also one of our wonderful traders x

Happy Festivaling
Gian x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer Showers

Sadly, the weather is already taking a turn and it's time to start preparing for some really English weather. Boo. We say, GONE are the days of fold away brollies that you are ashamed to bring out, even in a downpour. We say it's time for some glamorous, eye catching, sturdy umbrellas!

I've done the leg work for you and here we have some seriously pretty umbrellas for you to keep dry under though, as well as some fabulous vintage examples.

Match to your pill box hat for serious sophistication. 

Ruffles and flowers make for sunshine on a rainy day. 

Janet Leigh matches her hat, coat and umbrella. Do you?




LED Light up brolly Think Geek