Tuesday, 24 December 2013

December Will Be Magic Again-A Christmas Gift From Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

It's a shame the BBC don't do things like this any more with modern pop artists as it really does give an amazing glimpse into that often overlooked post punk time in the very late 70s and it would be nice to look back at 2013 in the same way. 

So here's our present to you. There's little other to say about this other than it's 42 minutes long and pure perfection from start to finish so get your bottle of Bailey's and the mince pies out and get comfortable while you wait for Father Christmas. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas

Twiggy at big Biba in 1971 - the spiritual home of early 70s glam rockers 

So this weekend the festive period actually begins with two whole weekends either side of Christmas to get your sparkle on and get out there. Whether you're going to the office party or out on the town with your friends there's no better time to channel the glamourous rock 'n' roll icons of yesteryear to get into the vibe without resorting to a novelty jumper. Here's my holiday moodboard that should have you reaching for the kohl and glitter. 

Super(groupie)model and friend to the stars Kate Moss in some seriously amazing 90s velvet

The crowned queen of Rock 'n' Roll fashion design Pam Hogg in the 1980s 

Debbie Harry in what looks like vintage 50s leopard print in the 80s. We certainly weren't the first to borrow style from earlier decades.

Stevie Nicks in a stunning jet beaded lace jacket. 1970s. 

Billie Holiday was never shy of a sequin or two

The perfect gift- Marianne Faithfull 1960s

Sara Moon for Biba - 1970s

Why not match your outfit with your BFF like Courtney Love and Amanda De Cadenet did in 1995?

1960s chanteuse Francoise Hardy shimmers in gold chainmail

90s dreambabes En Vogue in stunning 1950s inspired red and leopard gowns

Patsy Cline killing it in a full length sequin gown-1950s

Absolute hair and makeup perfection from 80s soul singer Sade.

Catherine Deneuve has no time for people that go out without a coat on in December and sports a beautiful 1960s leopard print. Pay a £1 for the cloakroom, girls, seriously. 

Time to party with Jayne Mansfield!

Sequins, satin, velvet and fur are hardly groundbreaking textures for Christmas but when worn together with wild joyful abandon and lashings of eyeliner they raise your status from groupie wannabe to rock 'n' roll starlet. Picking up a vintage statement piece such as a sequin top can be worked around black jeans for the work's do then teamed with clashing sequin hot pants and a glamourous headpiece for a show stopping New Year's Eve look. 

Whatever you wear and wherever you go this weekend we hope you have super sparkly amazing party times and that you feel as fabulous as we think you are. 

Lots of love,
LouLou's Vintage Fair