Monday, 3 December 2012

The Sheffield Vintage Fair

Oh the weather outside was chilly, 
People buying presents willy nilly,
But at The Vintage Fair we were there,
With clothes and cake and vintage homeware(s)!

Call me a poet, eh? Well, The Sheffield Vintage Fair was brimming with Christmas cheer this weekend. We had a tea party laden with brandy cream, mince pies, hot chocolate and glittery cupcakes as well as some festive singing by little old me! 

I found a few very special items at our Sheffield Fair, my favourites were trinkets more than clothes - and believe me, I'm dresses mad - so they must have been good! This 1950s suitcase was designed to carry your dresses perfectly with as little creasing as possible. The tags are still attached and the guide to packing your wardrobe away for the weekend is still inside. Incredible!

Next is this beautifully engraved creme rouge set. It was obviously given to Lily as a present in 1942 and the creme rouge is still inside, albeit half used and with a cracked mirror. What a lovely personalised gift. Inspiration for this Christmas's shopping?

And though we always have an array of men and women's vintage clothing and accessories from 40s through to the early 90s, I spotted so many lovely homewares that I had to snap. Starting with this very pretty bird vase, in fact, I'm gutted I didn't buy this now, such a lovely illustration. The photo below shows an original 1950s Elizabeth Arden cosmetics gift set. The balms, lotions and powders are all complete with tags still attached. I assume it must have cost a fortune at the time of purchase, so who knows why it was never used? One more reason I love looking to the past, all of the stories we do know but there are more we never will.

But I wouldn't leave you hanging with no pretty frocks to swoon over! We had walls and walls of vintage dresses hanging for your gazing eyes and mannequins decked in christmas sparkle to get you all inspired for your office party. The black and gold party frock below was high on my wish list, you just can't beat that colour combo for a bit of a knees up.  

And our beauty parlour was booked up all day! Ladies walked away with gorgeous victory rolls to rock on their Saturday nights out. Not to mention the matching make up, you should know by now we're big fans of a bold red lip!

I saw many candy striped bags in customers hands at our fair, which means only one thing! Jewellry and accessories! Whether people were buying for friends and family or for themselves, what does it matter? We had a fantastic variety of jewellry from vintage brooches, watches and earrings to hand made accessories such as perspex necklaces and fascinators and hair clips. 

And sadly (or not, perhaps?!) I didn't manage to get any photos of myself having a sing song, but I will leave you with the wonderful Bing Crosby and his classic, White Christmas. My all time favourite crooner and christmas song. See you in Nottingham next week yes? The last fair of the year for us! Can't wait!

Gina x

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