Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The 90s: Do or Don't?

Vintage is a term generally given to pre 1970s fashion, anything afterwards is considered retro. So how do you feel about this new love for the 1990s? From a love affair with denim, bomber jackets aplenty and slogan t-shirts and rucksacks in their heyday, the 90s have resurfaced on the high street. But do you love it or hate it? We have a nosey at what the high street are saying...

Saved By The Bell: Crop tops, high waists and whole lotta denim.

ASOS have put together this pinboard of their take on the 90s revival, it's more about pastels apparently, keeping it pretty rather than grungy. Frankly, a jumper around the waist just isn't going to look pretty. However, I do quite like to idea of the dungaree coming back into fashion play. I've seen some lovely tailored ones from River Island and Topshop, but denim is still winning it seems.

Talking of jumpers around the waist, Rihanna's debut collection for River Island was launched today. And boy. That girl be loving the 90s. Denim, dungarees, crop tops, neon, slinky long dresses and yes, skirts and dresses with in built waist sleeve things. A couple of the pieces I can see myself wearing, but on the whole I was expecting something a lot more exciting and well, not a 90s revival. But hey, the fash pack will love it no doubt. What are your thoughts?

Anyone seen the new Wildfox lookbook? Clueless. The ideal American 90s reference with spaghetti straps, tartan skirts, slogan Ts and just look at that hat. Personally, I'm just not convinced.

The Wasteland lookbook for 2013 is full of zany Bip Ling inspired graphics and yes, more denim, more dungarees and even pigtails. Oh and blue lipstick. And platform trainers. And camo. Argh! Tell you one thing though, I'm more than happy that good old Doctor Martin will be back on the feet of our youth, a good sturdy shoe! You can often find colourful DMs at our fairs from sellers like The Vintage Scene.

Here is a peek at the sort of DMs you can expect to find at our fairs and at a very reasonable price!

One seriously grungy 90s style icon has to be Drew Barrymore and if you click on that link you'll be forwarded to a 90s Drew Barrymore tumblr (just to warn you there is some semi-nudity on this blog). I love this photo for Drew and her circular sunnies but also the classic flippy floral dress her mate is wearing combined with that big Julia Roberts style hair. 

So. We've established that the 90s comeback is officially here in one form or another, but what is your take on it? Are you happy for it to be mingled in with vintage? Are you going to go all out 90s this Summer or just pick and choose the best bits? 

I'd be very interested to hear from you.



  1. I thought it was bad enough with the 80s being back! I don't want to wear the clothes that I once wore as a child. I'm 31 now and have no desire to feel or look 13 again.

  2. I think if everyone carefully picks and chooses pieces that fit in with their original style and wardrobe it will work but a full full on 90's wardrobe overhaul will look like your trying to dress like a 7year old again and thats never good.
    I've seen a few pieces I love and a few that I want to run away from screaming.
    I say choose wisely!!

  3. I frikkin' love the 90s stuff! Someone commented on your Facebook page that if you were old enough to wear it first time round, then you can't wear it second. Totally disagree.. First time round, yeah, I admit, I probably didn't look the best. Dungerees and tie dye did get me a bit of stick at school.. (What can I say? I'm a trend setter) but I think this time round I've more chance of getting it right!

    The part where you mention 'are you going to pick and choose the best bits' I don't think I need too.. The best bits are the items that are featured in all the new collections. I don't remember anyone looking like anything from the Wasteland lookbook. It's just 90s inspired.. AND AMAZING.

    So yeah, you'll see me at the Newcastle Vintage Fair picking up a pair of dungeree cut offs, hoarding tie dye crop tops, silently cursing the fact my purple DMs I got for my 13th birthday don't fit me anymore.. AND PROUD OF IT!



  4. I'm a 90's kid and although I see things from my childhood and think, 'wouldn't that be great to wear once again just for the fun of it' I realise that it just won't work on me anymore. It's cute when you're a kid or teen but no more after that for me