Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Get Vintage Fair Ready

We are in full swing again over at The Vintage Fair and a mammoth weekend of fairs has left us all pretty dazed with another three this weekend! And though we have our regular fairs, new ones are popping up all the time, so what if you're a Vintage Fair virgin? How do you go about looking around these many many stalls and making what could be your first vintage purchase? And though maybe you're a seasoned shopper, you might pick up a helpful hint or two. Let's get ready to rummage.

Before you do anything - do not go with an idea of what you want to buy. Every fair is different and you won't be able to predict exactly what could be on offer. So keep an open mind!

Before: Underwear

  • Same rules as any other big shopping trip, wear a nude, strapless bra. You have no idea what you might find! That strapless 80s disco number might not feel or look the same without the right underwear on! 
  • Big pants. Personally, I like to wear control pants, especially if I'm after a tight fitting dress/pencil skirt. I don't want to try it on without the solution to the lumps and bumps at hand.
  • Leggings/opaque tights are a nifty idea when you might be trying all of your vintage finds on in a communal changing area. Not essential by any means, but this may make you feel a bit more comfortable. 
Multiway from Marks & Spencer £22.50  - an essential!

Before: Ready to go?

  • For quick and easy shopping get some cash out before you arrive at our event. Though some of our traders do take cards, most are cash only. If you forget, don't worry, ask very nicely if they'll put your chosen item to one side, run away to grab cash and show us your stamp to get back into the fair. 
  • Bring a black/tan leather belt with you. lots of 50s dresses or 80s reproductions need nipping in at the waist for full effect. Even if it's just to get an idea of the shape you could create. 
  • If you can help it, don't bring too much bulk with you. We want your shopping experience to be as easy and pleasant as possible and lugging stuff around with you means you might miss out on some treasures. 
  • Are you going out on Saturday night? Even if you don't usually wear vintage, you could get made over by one of our vintage hair and beauty salons. Keep a keen eye on the facebook events so you can get an advance booking! 

You're at our event - now what?
  • Take your sweet time and take it all in. These events can be quite daunting, especially if you've never been to a vintage fair as there are so many different items on every stall (in the best possible way!) so maybe don't snap up the first thing you see as you might find something better along the way. 
  • Get thrifty. You might not usually go for maxi dresses but if you love the print then get it shortened into a knee length dress and keep the fabric to make into a scarf or a skirt. You've got to get into the thrifty, DIY mind set! This dress from one of our fairs is a really good example as the bottom of the dress would make a great skirt.  

  • If you'd like to try something on, ask the stall holder's permission and then make your way to the designated changing area. Or if it's just a jacket, coat or jumper you can try it on there and then - easy! Please bring all items back to the stall you picked them up from, because that's darn helpful!
  • Don't be scared to talk to other people if you're unsure about something. Ask the stall holder for suggestions or talk to the other ladies in the changing room - everyone is super friendly. 
  • Take a break and eat some cake. If you're on your feet all day, concentrating, beady eyed looking for your next vintage gem then you'll surely be needing a brew and a cake! Our vintage tea parties bring the very best home made sweet treats to our fairs and more often than not, by the end of the day, there's none left! A very popular addition to our fair. 

After: Spread the word!

  • When are we back? Make sure you sign the mailing list on your way out!
  • We love to hear back from you. If this was your very first fair we'd particularly love to know how you got on and what you purchased!
  • "Like" us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram (thevintagefair) and twitter (@vintagefair) to be sure you won't miss out on future events. 

See you soon and we hope you find some beauties. 
Gina x


  1. super advice...makes me wish I was thin enough to still wear vintage clothes.

  2. While a lot of vintage does tend to be in smaller sizes, I'm a vintage trader and I find lots of lovely stuff in sizes 16 plus! It's out there! :)

  3. Is there any vintage fairs near Harrogate ? I know about the York one, and can someone tell me somes dates, really want to come and I missed the last one at york :(

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Check out our website for all future fates! www.thevintagefair.com