Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Top 10 Vintage "must follow" Instagrammers

I love my phone. It's my TV, my camera, my computer. But most importantly, it's my social media fix! So if you're appy and you know it (couldn't help myself) then get yourselves over to Instagram land and follow these vintage loving beauties for retro inspiration. Oh and of course, these are in no particular order as they're all so very different!

@andibgoode is already firmly on our blogger radar but her vintage obsession covers much more than clothes. Check out her vintage barbie doll collection too!

 @diablorose is one of our favourite Vintage Fair hair stylists fromn Le Keux events. She documents her own hair styles pretty much everyday and it's getting a little stalker-like at my end...!

@laneway_esme is another coloured hair beauty! How could you not want to look at all of this absolutely gorgeous lady's hairstyles and outfits? May I add that she has a particularly pretty cat?

@fleurdeguerre Now I know I bang on about this woman, but there's a reason why! She's an all round good vintage egg and also runs like the wind with uber cool running club Run Dem Crew. 

@GRLSTOLEVINTAGE The Queen of mixing the high street with vintage, Miss Lereese Atkinson of GIRLSTOLE. You'll be hearing more about this young lady very soon on our blog. But if you love #ootd and small dogs then you'll thoroughly enjoy her instagram feed. 

@classicbeauties clog up my feed with rare and beautiful photos of famous faces from the 20th Century. They often come with insightful stories about the woman in question. Every day is a school day!

@misskittyboo has the best glasses and the best fringe I ever did see. Complete vintage sci-fi geek with a penchant for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and 50s glamour. Mates with Andi B Goode no less.

@marinaandthesummerday is a new find for me. If you love a classic pinup, rockabilly look then this sassy lady is the one for you to start following. 

@swallowsanddamsons hail from Sheffield and are widely considered one of the very best florists in the region. Her carefully considered bouquets are commonplace at only the most elegant weddings and coolest shops and cafes. Perfect inspiration follow.

@thevintagefair Last but not least (if we do say so ourselves) you should definitely follow us! We will be taking photos of all the best bits from our fairs as they happen just in case you can't get down to our event on the day. And looking at this pic from our Southampton Vintage Fair, you can see why we wouldn't want you to miss out!

What's your Instagram and why should we follow you?
@ginamaldina If you like vintage, outfits and music stuff then give me a follow too!


  1. @BROCKWAYL if you like travel, all things music, jewellery (rings in particular), vintage, antiques, the seaside, parks, and pretty things in general. I love the aesthetically pleasing :)

  2. @thefortiesfloozy and I IG all sorts from hair, make up, classic cars and most of all clothes! It's linked to my blog too if you fancy checking it out :)