Thursday, 25 July 2013

Amy, Amy, Amy...

Two years ago Amy Winehouse sadly passed away, leaving behind an incredible musical legacy. Not only was the singer famous for her effortless performances, she was immediately recogniseable both on record and in every magazine and picture. So we're here to take a look back at some of the awesome fashion moments that made Amy so iconic. 

In her element in music, we have to start with her stage style. Quoted as saying she "still dresses as though it's the 50s" Amy channeled a pin-up rockabilly girl with her tiny body hugging dresses in bold, colourful prints.  

A more sophisticated Amy, dressed up to the nines in a modern leather take on the 50s silhouette at the Elle Style Awards and rocking a metallic shift on the right. Both very vintage inspired. 

Here sees Amy chilled out on the street in strappy sandals and a classic Fred Perry polo shirt with the classic flash of pink.  One of the shortest pairs of shorts I've ever seen but she made it her own. Classic dressed down Amy in skinnys and her faithful satin ballet flats. 

In every single photo you can't escape the ever present beehive and thick winged black eyeliner. (She was snapped using a Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner to get the look. Cheap ' n' cheerful! We like!) They defined her as one of the most iconic pop stars of her time. Ever copied and continuously imitated, but never Amy. 


She was approached by Fred Perry to create numerous collections and looking below at her last collection you can see she had a heavy involvement with the designing of each piece, all with that Winehouse pink stamp. You'll be hard pressed to find a lot of Amy's designs, but keep looking on eBay, I found the pink dress below here.

 To celebrate her life, between 3rd July and 15th September The Jewish Museum in London have an exhibition called Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait:

The Jewish Museum is staging an original exhibition about Amy Winehouse, co-curated with her brother Alex and sister-in-law Riva. It is an intimate and moving exhibition about a much loved sister.
The family have given the Jewish Museum unprecedented access to Amy’s personal belongings that celebrate her passion for music, fashion, sudoku, Snoopy, London and her family.
Amy was close to her family and had a strong sense of her Jewish roots and heritage. Among the various objects on display, the exhibition will show many unseen photographs of Amy’s family life - Friday night dinners, Alex’s Barmitzvah and vintage photographs of their beloved grandmother Cynthia.
Located in Amy's Camden Town, the Jewish Museum is the perfect place to find out about the woman behind the music and beyond the hype. 

Let us know if you can make the exhibition and what you thought of it. We hope you can!

Lots of love

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