Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Very Vintage Halloween: A Few Ideas

So it's two days away and I have only just decided what to wear for Halloween. Being one of those people who just doesn't put the effort in with these things, I have been slightly pressured to go to town this year as our work night out is on Thursday 31st! A very spooky do indeed...

So here are a handful of slightly different costume ideas to make you stand out from an array of ripped white T-shirts and tomato red blood splatters. (I have used Pinterest and google image searches mostly here and I apologise if I couldn't source the original blogs/names - but credit to everyone for these amazing ideas)

1920s silent film stars
White/grey facepaint for your skin and a monochrome dress theme. Complete with script cards and you're done! 

Lichtenstein Comic Book Girl
I have a yellow wig in the post - Yep I'm giving this a go! I've decided to cheat a little with a plain white long sleeve shirt to avoid doing too much painting, but I'll be sure to show you the finished product!

Vintage Harlequin
I am gutted I didn't think of this earlier. If you can't find the right playsuit/jumpsuit/dress then go the opposite way with checked tights and a big neck ruffle, it;s really all about the make-up anyway. I love this so much!

Miss Havisham
Over the corpse bride? Turn to literature for your new Halloween Heroine! This will take some commitment, but boy, it'll be worth it!

Get stuffing your trousers girls! Yes! I mean it! Sarah is too easy, get you're Jareth on. Well, unless you have the perfect 80s puffball sleeved wedding dress of course...

The Birds
Green dress, blonde wig, lots of black birds. 

Pin Up Witch
Classic look done beautifully by Fleur De Guerre here. I have taken this from a blog post I found on her blog here. Some great ideas. If Vivien Leigh can work it then so can we.

The Shining Twins
Matching blue dresses with some sickly sweet lace detail, white tights and some buckle shoes. Throw in some coloured contacts and some fake blood if you want to edit it but this look is pretty hard to mistake and if you have the perfectly sized best friend to do it with, you can't go wrong. Just don't smile.

Another styled by Fleur on Southern Retro, more surreal than scary but a great easy option for your fella or for yourself too. Bowler hats are simply everywhere these days. 


If you have any ideas we should know about, PLEASE throw them over to gina@thevintagefair.com! We'd love to hear from you and we'll put them up online! Have a very creepy (and safe) night out! Happy Samhain to all of our pagan followers too.  We'll be putting up an array of vintage halloween pics for more inspiration and just to tickle your curiousity buds too over the next two days :)

Gina xxx

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