Thursday, 7 February 2013

English Rose Cosmetics

Our fairs are always top notch (if we do say so ourselves) but sometimes we get a trader who is offering something just a little different and that's exactly what we have at The Shoreditch Vintage Fair this weekend and English Rose Cosmetics are just that. We wanted to know more about Karin, the woman behind the pretty things and her homegrown business, and we figured you might too! Especially if you're off to the Shoreditch fair, you could be getting your mitts on a freebie...

I got the inspiration for English Rose Cosmetics when I saw a cosmetic advert featuring the actress Emma Watson” says Karin McKay, Owner of Reading based English Rose Cosmetics.  “I just felt the time was right for the world to appreciate the beauty of an English Rose, and wanted to put a face to the term”.

That was at the end of 2011.  Over the next few weeks the concept of giving ‘English Rose’ an identity and personality took shape and work started in earnest in February 2012.  Due to a road traffic injury, Karin had been unable to work in the cosmetic industry for the past 2 years.  She then took up blogging about her favorite products under ‘Beauty Knowledge’ and started sharing her 16 years of extensive knowledge on ingredients that really work in cosmetics.  “Blogging about my favorite cosmetics got me thinking about how I would make the perfect products, and the positive response I got worldwide to my blogs inspired me go to the next step – my own beauty range”.

“Developing the product range came easily to me” says Karin, “in fact, I have to hold back and only work on a couple at a time.  What I found more challenging was getting the packaging absolutely right and I’m now happy that I’m there and soon I want to be pitching to the likes of John Lewis, Liberty’s and maybe QVC”.

Unlike other beauty brands, Karin took the unusual step of selling direct to customers and regularly has a pop-up stall at various craft & vintage events around London and the Home Counties, details of which can be found in the Events section on the website.  “It was very important to meet customers face to face, discuss their skincare concerns and get a response to my product, as well as ideas for future products” says Karin, “it has been truly rewarding to get such a positive response and to build up a loyal customer base this way”.

To get your hands on a FREE Rose Kiss Spritz at our fair on Saturday, you've got to be quick! The first customer to purchase any item from English Rose Cosmetics will also get a Rose Spritz absolutely FREE. So, get in there super fast!

To find out more all you've got to do is head over to Karin's Facebook, follow her on twitter @karinmckay1  or drop her an e-mail Or of course, come to our Shoreditch fair and have a natter!

Such cute packaging!

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