Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Forties Floozy Giveaway Winner Reports In!

We love to spoil you! And we also love to find out about our vintage fans, bloggers, traders, lovers alike. So we are really happy to share this product review from The Forties Floozy who won our latest giveaway of a Besame Violet Powder. They say it brightens up your complexion, well, does it? We hand over to vintage blogger Miss B. (Oh and go and check out the rest of her posts, girls got style!)
Hi all,
Today I had a lovely present arrive from the lovely people at The Vintage Fair.  Through their Blog I won something that I have been hankering after for quite some time now.

The Besame Brightening Violet Powder
The Besame Brightening Violet Powder

One of my favourite things about vintage reproduction (particularly cosmetics) is the packaging.  It makes everything that little bit more magical.

Hopefully this will give you some perspective of size.

And the little powder puff that it comes with is equally stylish.

As the picture above shows the powder comes with one of those little lids with the holes in it to stop you getting covered in the stuff.  In fact I find these ‘aids’ the most irritating things in the world.  I sat for 5 mins attempting to shake, wiggle and tease some powder out of the pot before finally giving up and tugging the offending item off the powder tub.
As soon as I’d done this I began to enjoy the product (if a little more carefully than before).  I tried using the puff but it is quite small and I didn’t want to dirty it so I turned to my usual powder brush.  It glided over my skin and even after 3 hours of wearing it, my skin still feels fresh and smooth.  A success!
And now I’m going to burn out your retinas with some before and after pics.  It’s not often I’m seen without make up so I please don’t take offence.

Please excuse the headscarf, I've got my pin curls in underneath.
Please excuse the headscarf, I’ve got my pin curls in underneath.


This is what the website claims that it does: Brightening Violet Powder is a translucent loose powder that adds just a hint of brightness for an instant lift to any complexion. Sets make-up beautifully and leaves a soft matte finish. The powder does not contain shimmers, but brightens because of the unique violet hue in this special formula. Deliciously fragrant, it suits any skin tone. Wear alone, over foundation or to add a lightness to tired eyes and under eye circles.
If I’m honest, I think they’ve got it spot on.  My skin feels incredible and it smells damned good too.  It does give a much nicer finish than my normal powder and it gives  a really even coverage without it being obvious where you have and haven’t applied it.

The other make up I’m wearing is as follows:

I am eternally grateful to the lovely people at The Vintage Fair for doing such a competition.  At £22 I wouldn’t be able to afford it without it being a truly amazing product.  I think it is, I’m going to have to save up in future to afford it but I don’t think I’ll turn back.  It’s just too perfect.
That’s all for now folks!

Miss B xoxo

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