Monday, 11 February 2013

Vintage Icon: Edie Sedgwick

As fashion goes mad for mod, and with breton stripes as popular as ever, I can't quite get Edie Sedgwick off my mind. Edie lived a whirlwind of a life, and died tragically in 1971. However, she made a lot of noise on the music, art and fashion scene especially when she was hailed as Andy Warhol's muse. Edie was the IT girl of the moment, a classic socialite whose inheritance money was splashed on on booze and drugs creating the addiction that eventually took her life.  But I'm more interested in the "factory girl" and the ballsy and beautiful girl from Warhol's photography and films.

Sienna Miller played Edie in the film Factory Girl which gives a sort of insight into her lifestyle, though some would say it's rather inaccurate it's a beautiful film despite it's inevitable tragic end. I particularly love Miller's performance, she captures Edie's presence incredibly well, plus there is a striking resemblance, see below.

Sedgwick inspired a generation of girls to cut off their hair, experiment with heavy make up and free their legs! This pixie crop, doe eyes made up in true mod style, the huge dangling earrings and the ever present cigarette were Edie's trademarks as well as her endearing, kooky personality. Here are some of my favourite images of Sedgwick, Warhol's "superstar".

The girl's petite frame was made for the Quant style mini dresses of the era, which she wore in abundance, never afraid of showing too much leg, clad in opaque tights or not. Glamorous accessories were also key to her look including chandelier earrings and luxurious leopard print coats. The video below shows how confident, honest and charismatic Edie was, but perhaps also how innocent and vulnerable she was too. 

Taking inspiration from this style icon of the 60s, we look to capture some of that "superstar" in our own wardrobes, minus the pop art idol at our side. 

Breton jumper Mango
Opaque tights Tights Please
Factory girl replica earrings Steve Sasco
Magic Ink Eyeliner by Benefit at John Lewis
Leopard Print Coat Vera Moda
Wireless lace triangle bra Topshop

I shall leave you with an interview from the Merv Griffin show in 1965 with Warhol and Sedgwick. She's wearing the cutest little lace collared jacket and talks the entire time! "What is art anyway?" 



  1. I've never seen factory girl before, but in quite tempted to now - you're right the resemblance between sienna and Eddie is starling! I love the 60s and everything it stood for, particularly for the introduction of shorter skirts!

  2. Edie is such an inspiration: her earrings, make-up and pretty clothes! I've seen the movie Factory Girl and despite the criticisms, I find the film beautiful and inspiring!