Thursday, 27 June 2013

Get Your Thrift On

If you're into vintage it's also likely that you're pretty thrifty with your dollar and careful with how you spend it. So now the sales are here! Hurrah for us all! I've done some of the hard work for you and put together a guide from the high street and vintage stores based on a few of our favourite things! Paisley, platforms and down right cheap frocks!

The High Street does Paisley for Pennies
A classic vintage inspired print

£22.50 Vero Moda
£25.00 Urban Outfitters

ASOS adds Height for Half
Get a bit of 70s in your wardrobe

£28.50 Holland

Must Have Metallics
Shimmer in your discounted disco gear

£17.00 COW
£15.00 ASOS

Dirt Cheap Vintage Dresses
These are just the beginning - keep searching! There are masses of vintage shops with clearance sections all year round and here are three starting points for you! Good luck and dig deep.

£49.00 Lovely's Vintage Emporium
£7.00 Godiva
£25.00 COW


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  1. Thank goodness it pay day. Will be stopping over to have a look at some of these.