Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jump Right In

We love a trend as much as the next fashion obsessed person in line. But sometimes, I just want to go against the grain and rock something completely different to what the magazines are telling me to. So I'm currently hunting for more 70s jumpsuits. Just LOOK at them! Farrah Fawcett looks incredible on the far right and they are just so easy to wear. The 80s tapered leg doesn't quite pack the same punch as a big flared trouser leg does, you couldn't rock platforms in quite the same way! So. The hunt begins!


At the Brighton Vintage Fair on Sunday I found this graphic printed jumpsuit with lovely floaty flared trousers and I do believe some lucky disco junkie walked away with a steal that day as I couldn't find it afterwards. 

Our Newcastle Vintage Fair a few weeks ago was a temporary home to this beauty. How many parties can you imagine this jumpsuit has seen? The psychedelic print really caught my eye, but when I found out it was a jumpsuit and not a maxi dress it became even more special. 

Let's stick to the real deal with a little look at what's on offer online on ASOS Marketplace, eBay and other independent sellers. 

Classic print Underground Girl
Contrast legs Etsy
HUGE palazzo trousers Etsy

And no jumpsuit is complete without this Summer's shoe of the season: The Platform!



  1. I have one in my shop that was owned by the first buyer for TopShop in the 60s!!! Bargain price too if you want to take a peek at the pics on facebook. xxx

  2. Jumpsuits seem to be everywhere this season and I'm still on the look out for a pair. I was at the Vintage Fair in Brighton and quite gutted I didn't see those. The third platform is mega mega HOT.