Friday, 7 September 2012

The Hull Vintage Fair

What a day! On September 1st we welcomed a whopping 1800 people into the beautiful City Hall for the first fair of the new season. We had 30 stalls, Miss Poppy's Tea Party, The Vintage Hair & Beauty Salon and some live Burlesque dancers to boot. The queue was unrelenting (it was around the building until 3pm!) and I was starting to worry that I’d not get a chance to look at all the goodies myself!

Hull City Hall is a gorgeous space, which was lit up especially for our fair to show off all of our wares and finished off with a retro play list to accompany the crowds from stall to stall. But before you even got into the fair, you had to resist Miss Poppy's Tea Party and the bright, sparkly assortment of cupcakes! Not an easy feat, as most of our punters found out! Empty plates all round.

With all that extra lighting, it’s no wonder I was flitting from one jewellery stall to the next as it was all so glittery. My inner magpie had a field day. My favourite has to be this selection of necklaces from For The Love Of Kitsch, some really individual pieces and so beautifully presented. Then there are all of these kooky brooches from Itchycoo. You lot were spoiled weren’t you?

Sticking with Itchycoo, this had to be my favourite dress on offer in the entire fair (sadly my waistline disagreed) but look at all the pretty fruits and colours sitting at the front of this photo! A real statement piece, and only £20. Mooch Vintage had your next new leather handbag, each and every one of them in fabulous condition and all so bloody lovely.  Dolly Anna Does Vintage had a whole host of  reworked vintage clothes and accessories on offer, but I especially loved these little moustache earrings.

We also had a fair amount of quirky homeware in Hull, the stand out item for me has to be these garish 60s weighing scales. They are a certain conversation starter, don’t you think? Viva Vintage made their Vintage Fair debut with a selection of pretty cake stands and Nesthad me furnishing my dream room with retro radios, antlers and crockery.

Penny Feathers brought some delightful performances to Hull with her hot trio of Burlesque dancers. Every half hour these ladies owned the stage with their sparkly costumes, red lips and feather fans. A big shout out to one lady in particular as it was her very first public performance and believe me, you wouldn’t have known it! Absolutely amazing work from all involved. Bravo.

In summary, our promo girls looked a picture, I bought a new dress from Laura Ness, Lou a pretty cream typewriter from Alpaca and we had some very well dressed customers! We will see you again in Hull on November 3rd at The City Hall - we can’t wait!

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