Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Nottingham Vintage Fair

We hit up The Albert Hall in Nottingham yesterday for the first vintage fair there this season. As usual, we had a charming kitsch tea party for you from Hello Sweetness and 40 stalls of mens' and womens' vintage as well as some kooky homeware too.The very first Something Old Wedding Fair was also on offer, but more about that tomorrow!

As I was wandering round, I couldn't help but notice a whole lotta collars. Peter pan collars, ruffled collars, lace collars and shirt collars. So I compiled my top four just for you. That purple stunner is from Curious Cleo and my personal fave is that little velvet jacket from The Gingham Deer.

I fell head over heels for this beautiful 70s green caped maxi dress from Jarvis And Janis. Oh my goodness I just can't stop daydreaming about it! Any size 10 vintage girl out there would be luck to have it in their wardrobe. Hickory Vintage had a gorgeous array of dresses but this little blue number stopped me in my tracks, it's just so pretty.

We always have a tonne of vintage, retro and hand made jewellry on offer at our fairs, but I'm a huge fan of retro clip ons - so check these out! So Boho had a fine selection of vintage shoes, I especially love the embellished loafers below. Pretty Old Stuff had an array of customised timepieces as rings, necklaces and earrings all made out of old time pieces. Nifty eh?

Nottingham had a particularly good day for tan leather bags. Embossed leather holdalls? Yes siree. Old school satchels? You betcha. Box leather handbags? Yaha. 

For all your vintage hair and beauty needs, all you had to do was to come and visit us and The Vintage Salon. Those pin curls are a work of art! Super stunning stuff. 

Once you had done the rounds of our fair (and you really do need to do more than one round - gotta keep a beady eye out for bargains) how could you resist sitting down with a brew and indulging in on of these colourful little cupcakes? And yes. That is a mini biscuit on top of that chocolate one.

Next up The Leicester Vintage Fair on Saturday 22nd September. 
See you there?
Gina and Loulou 

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  1. Lovely pictures! I had a lovely time meeting and making-over the ladies of Nottingham, looking forward to the next one! x