Monday, 10 September 2012

The Shoreditch Vintage Fair

Our promo team were out in force at the weekend, beckoning the good people of Shoreditch into our fabulous fair for a swift break from that awful awful sunshine...!

The Shoreditch Town Hall got my imagination whirring, all the regal dresses that may have swished and swooshed around the dance floor once upon a time, sigh. But it certainly makes for the ideal vintage fair venue, it's just this time, the beautiful clothes are waiting patiently on rails for you to snap them up! 

We must say, the traders today had some serious gold dust with them and you London folk must have gotten some serious finds. Let's have a look at some of the booty, starting with something for the boys. It was rich pickings for the lads at Shoreditch, with quite the variety of mens clothing. Everything from unique flocked jackets and tweed alike to rails of denim and checked shirts were on offer. This velvet number from Levinson Vintage is a showstopper and Gold Rush Vintage had rails and rails of stuff for the boys.

As always we had accessories and jewellry galore, my personal highlight was Vintage Reclaimed who are based in Nottingham with all these pretty vintage (working!) watches, all at £8 a pop. Sadly I was so bleedin' busy all day that I didn't get a chance to nab that blue one - sob! The Vintage Scene were back in London after a cracking fair in Hull last week with these collar tips (top left).

La Maison Pearl caught my eye as I saw this gorgeous wooden box bag for sale on their stall. I have been wanting one of these for months and months, I hope somebody snapped it up! They seem to be so rare over here with most of the ones on-line appearing in the US. Good find!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. These beaded babies were from Collective and they were made for Thumbalina, I'm certain of it, but so beautiful. Vintage Child had tonnes of brightly coloured leather shoes, my favourites being these graphic patterned slippers.

Three of my other top Vintage Fair finds. Stunning gown from Birds Nest, heavily sequinned oversized cardigan from Lauren Eva (a serious steal at £28) and a classic repro swing dress from Betty Blue.

Well well well, look what we found! Only a whole entire rail of Ossie Clark crepe dresses in immaculate condition. There was even a Celia Birtwell number in there. This creme cover up was my absolute favourite, cinched in waist and so delicate. A winner. 

We had some very well dressed customers, just get a load of this lot. Were you snapped? I've devoted a duo photo to this couple. I think you'll agree they look super, super cool. And I must say, his girlfriend has upstaged him quite a bit in the style stakes but he made up for it by being French and hilarious.

Our tea party this week was held by Teaspoon and these cakes were seriously pretty things, not just scrumptious. Just look at all the decoration, I went for a coconut number and was not in the slightest bit disappointed!

Oh and how could I forget our Shoreditch Fair mascot, the tiny princess pooch, Villeneuve. She doesn't do the tube, darling. 

We hope to see you all again at Shoreditch Town Hall on November 17th. Not London based? Come and see us in  Nottingham on Sunday 16th September (that's this week guys!). 

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