Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kimbra: More Than Somebody You Used To Know

Kimbra is one of my ultimate musical inspirations. In my humble opinion, I think she's everything Jessie J wishes she could be and more. You may recognise her from Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know video, but she's just so much more than a cameo in a one hit wonder. Can you tell I'm a fan?!

"I describe my style as bold, youthful, feminine and creative"

And although I could bang on all day about her incredible vocals, super clever pop writing it's her wardrobe I reckon you'll be pretty interested by too! And though I'd love to say I nipped to New Zealand to interview the songtress, I really, really didn't! But I did find a great style focussed interview with Kimbra from Refinery29 which gives a real genuine insight into her thoughts on fashion, so all quotes are from this interview. But before I go any further, here is one of my absolute favourite Kimbra live videos singing Settle Down at SingSing studios. 

Oh my LORD the girl is good.  Just looking at her in that video shows her boundless confidence and eccentricity. But with her bold features, jet black hair and ruby red lips juxtaposed against her whimsical Disney inspired stage outfits, visually, she's created something really very special.

 "A great stage outfit for me, comes from an inspired compliment of patterns and colors – even if they clash at times! – and a strong sense of movement and creativity. I like people to feel transported by what they see on stage in conjunction with the music. Outfits can really add another dimension of depth and fantasy to a concert."

 "I like a lot of Japanese street fashion and get inspired by a lot of old Disney films. Nowadays, I get inspired by film directors like Tim Burton, photographer Tim Walker, and artists like Salvador Dali." 

The video below gives us a little insight into Kimbra's stage outfit prep and it makes me super happy that the girl loves her thrifting! Second hand, vintage and supporting "under the radar" designers are Kimbra's go tos for her stage and day to day style. I particularly like that she looks at the fabric of the dress first and then thinks "how can I make this work for me?" That DIY attitude is something I need to take on!

Here is my idea of a Kimbra-esque stage outfit complete with red tambourine! Layering this high necked vintage inspired blouse under a crazy sequin prom dress adds a fantasy quality and the heels can't be too high, a girls gotta dance! Oh and don't forget your MAC lipstick. Have you got any ideas?

Sequin dress Rare at ASOS
Black shirt Miss Selfridge
Turquoise sandals Next
Tambourine LP Music


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