Monday, 28 January 2013

The Ossie Clark Revival

First there was Biba for House of Fraser and now there is Ossie Clark for Debenhams. Famous for his flowing dresses, billowing sleeves and Celia Birtwell prints, the Clark revival brings us vintage style shapes and 70s inspired prints. The prints originally used by Clark were more often than not designed by his (eventual) wife, Celia Birtwell, one of the most famous collaborations in 20th century fashion! But is this revival all we could hope for from a collection under the famous Ossie Clark name?

Clark and Birtwell

Inspired by the ballet dancer Nijinsky, Ossie Clark wanted his designs to allow movement and not to restrict the wearer so in came the maxi dresses and the angel sleeves of the 70s. His designs were were incredibly influential, you could say he styled the 70s, well, I say so...! He dressed the rich and famous including Mick Jagger, The Beatles and Liza Minelli and his designs were sought after world wide.


Emma Watson wore vintage Ossie Clark to a 2009 film premiere which pricked up a few fashion lovers eyes and ears to the rebirth of the cult British designer, but it's unbelievable that it's taken four whole years for a range to hit our high street!

So let's have a look at my top picks from the new range of this Ossie Clark revival. Admittedly, I wish they had been a slightly more brave in their designs, where are the huge sleeves? The iconic prints (or at least hints towards Birtwell)? I can't help but think the spirit of Ossie Clark is missing, there's no spark...however, there are some lovely things and all are between £49 and £189. You can view the collection here.

Blue Floral Maxi
Watercolour Print Day Dress

But...I'm going to be honest, the originals are far superior in design and if you can afford a splurge then invest in an original. This stunning Peekaboo Ossie Clark maxi, by (coincidentally) Peekaboo Vintage is a fabulous example of one of Clark's Moss Crepe dresses.

Oh and at our Shoreditch Vintage Fair, we had an entire rail of Moss Crepe wrap tops and dresses by the man himself. Maybe you'll get lucky at one of our fairs? 


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  1. An entire rail of Ossie Clark tops?! Wow!

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