Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fleur de Guerre Hair Tutorial: Victory Rolls

Fleur DeGuerre is one of my all time favourite vintage fashion bloggers and models. Fleur has kindly given us her victory rolls tutorial to share with you all and though their are many out there, I think Fleur's is incredibly easy to follow and here is the original blog post. The finished do is in a photo below.

Supposedly, the iconic 1940s hairstyle was named after the manoeuvres made by victorious planes at the end of World War II. I'm not going to lie to you, they need some practice! But once you've mastered the victory roll you can include them in any of your hairstyles, up or down. So! Let's hop to it. And if you have a go, send a snap to!

You will need...
Kirby grips
Bristle brush
Strong hairspray - I recommend Tresemme Freeze Hold

Oh and you'll need this too. 

Gina xxx

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  1. I love this tutorial, it looks so authentic and it is a short video that it easy to follow, unlike some others I have seen on youtube
    Love Lil x