Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Manchester Vintage Fair

It was vintage mania in Manchester at Whitworth Hall on Saturday! You patiently queued out in the cold so you could get your hands on some vintage goodies, that's dedication for you.

Now, before I carry on talking about how fantastic and stylish you lot are (Were you snapped by me? Keep reading to find out) I must tell you about my run in with BBC Radio Manchester! Manhunt is a Saturday programme presented by Emma Goswell and Chris Holliday where they have to uh..Man hunt! In this instance they had to hunt us at The Vintage Fair and do a little task: beehive my hair in 1 minute and 30 seconds. No mean feat. You can listen back to the programme for the next four days here. We are right at the end at 1:47-ish. And no, I didn't say "couture" I really did say "kitchen"! Not a bad attempt for less than 2 minutes work, no?

We had a fantastic variety of traders in Manchester, everything from classy handbags like the one below, to upcycled homewares like this china plate cake stand and kooky handmade head pieces like these at the bottom. And here is one more shot of just how busy our fair was!

Books,lace trimmings, retro kitchen-ware and teacups galore! Yet another peek at the variety we had at The Manchester Vintage Fair. I'd pop that bunting style trimming on a plain T-shirt or ponti-shift dress as a cute collar. You could even turn your old books into secret hiding places by hollowing them out or turning them into kitsch Charlotte Olympia style clutch bags. And looking at the bottom right corner, well, I use my Hornsey flour pot for my receipts!

As usual I always look for some really special dresses and these three stood out to me. Left to right we have a blue water colour-esque 60s number, a green and gold brocade 50s prom dress and lastly a muted green lace 50s wiggle dress that screamed Mad Men. Thinking about the stories and women behind these dresses makes me love vintage even more, and by wearing vintage, you're just adding to that story. Look out for "how to date vintage" posts from me soon.

Manchester Street Style

Whilst you lot were waiting to get into our fair, I thought I'd grab some shots of the particularly stylish and vintage among you! Did I snap you? Let's start with our elegant vintage sirens, both rocking a red lip and a classic mac.

The best things come in pairs! Brogues, burgundy, leather, retro curls, polka dots and midi skirts. Trends galore.

You can't be a wall flower in a hat. This 70s inspired floppy number caught my eye as well as her cute shirt buttoned to the top. And contrary to what some people think, red and orange definitely go together!

Neon meets wallpaper print. Brilliantly simple yet eye-catching ensemble. A 60s inspired swing coat and psychedelic hand bag gave this young lady's modern outfit a retro touch.

You Manchester girls accessorize well don't you? My eyes were looking at all of your feet! Big russian style hats, patent brogues with lurex socks, maryjanes with fur trimmed socks and a beautiful 40s set with matching red lips.

But we can't forget the boys! I doubt his waves are an ode to the 40s, but we loved them with the beanie, and his admiring mate thinks so too! Aviator jackets and leather studded bags aren't just for the girls, a snug, bold look. Well done lads.

All in all we had a ridiculously tiring day, but in all the best ways! Thanks so much for making it one of our favourite fairs. If you're a bride to be, make sure you pop to our Something Old Wedding Fair in Manchester on November 24th at Whitworth Hall.

Gina xxx

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