Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Go Go Glitter Nails

If you're not one for head to toe sequins but want to sparkle this Christmas and New Year then focus all that bling on your nails. There are so many glitter nail polishes on the high street these days it's hard to know which ones really will do the job so we've gathered together what we think are the very the best bunch. 

  • Let's kick off with what I think is the ultimate £5 nail polish brand. Models Own are available on ASOS as well as in Boots on the high street. They come in a vast range of colours and finishes but the glitter versions are fab. This colour is a personal favourite, Pink Fizz. 

Not only do they have your standard glitter polish, they have bigger glitter bits in a range called Mirrorball and the second one in from the left is a Hed Kandi special called Ibiza that I have seen grace many fashion and beauty bloggers instagrams! At the moment, there is a promotion on their website where if you buy three you save £3 and if you buy 5, £7! Sweet. 

  • Next up we have OPI. Their Rainbow Connection polish has been duplicated all over, but it's the original and the quality will definitely outshine it's followers. The polishes come in around £12 a bottle, but you can find them cheaper on beauty discount websites. OPI do so many Limited Editions and designer/celebrity ranges that often these dazzling colours sell out super quick, so you're best bet is to hop on over to eBay! (L-R Rainbow Connection, The Living Daylights, Mad As A Hatter)
Here is a photo of how Rainbow Connection looks on. Maddeningly glitzy! I advise using these bigger glitter polishes over a black base coat, if you're keeping it OPI they have a lovely pitch black called Onyx.

  • Stepping things up a notch in the "high street" range we have Nails Inc. They also have many Limited Editions and Special Effects ranges and release different collections throughout the seasons. But these three are regulars and though they aren't loopy like their OPI cousins, they're glam and will add just enough Christmas sparkle with just a couple of coats. (L-R Hatton Garden, London Bridge, Chelsea Embankment)

  • OK. Let's say you don't want to splash that much cash on a little bottle of sparkle. Well, prick up your Primark loving ears. Hop on over to this pretty beauty blog, Catherine Lou where you can find more out about this £2.50 answer to your OPI Rainbow Connection hopes and dreams! 

The only down side? Removing the damn stuff ! 
I suggest you hop on over to this amazing blog post from The Agoraphobic Fashionista and you'll never be slowly peeling off your glitter polish ever again. Clue? You'll need some foil!

If you go mad for nail art please send in your photos to blog@thevintagefair.com and we will feature them!

Gina x

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  1. I must say that I do love these sparklies that are on the high street at the moment, for Christmas I have bought myself a red glitter polish from Barry M. Adding some sparkle for Christmas,
    Love Lil x