Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy Halloween! I thought to myself, what spooky post could I do today? Then I realised Miss Havisham has been done to death and  I hadn't heard of this nifty witch in some time. So, remember Bewitched?

Elizabeth Montgomery made a very loveable Samantha in the iconic 60s-70s TV series Bewitched, the ongoing story of a witch married to a normal man in the American suburbs. Hilarity ensues as Samantha tries to solve everyday problems magically with just a wiggle of her dainty little nose. It's a really charming programme and I remember watching it with my Nannan over and over. However, only now have I realised how wonderful the styling is and just how beautiful Montogomery was.

Samantha wears very pretty shift dresses like this floral number, but my favourites are the late 60s roll necks like the two shifts below. If you look back, you often see Samantha and Darren in bed together and the nighties are gorgeous! She wears pale pink, blue and white baby doll dresses with matching floaty robes while Darren wears those neat and tidy matching gentleman's pyjamas.   

Now there is no forgetting Endora, Samantha's incredibly dramatic witchcraft embracing Mother. This lurid green and purple maxi dress works so well with her wild red hair. What a fabulous woman and a nightmarish mother-in-law, poor Darren.

The hair and make-up in this series is very much "of the time" and I adore Samatha's voluminous waves set with gallons of hairspray no doubt. Her heavy lid eye liner, spider like lashes and pink lipstick is equally typical. This is a lovely screen shot of Samantha doing the dishes with her hair set in huge rollers. Cheryl Cole had to get it from somewhere, right?

It's Halloween after all, so if you've got a spare ten minutes watch a bit of the episode below from 1966 with original adverts. It's called "No Zip My Zap".

Gina x

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