Monday, 15 October 2012

Giveaway: Pearls & Swine

Planning your Halloween costume already? Needing some inspiration? Then head on over to Pearls & Swine Millinery. Headed up by the talented Bink, the vintage inspired head pieces are ultimately, works of art. And we have one to giveaway. But how did such a wonderfully eccentric venture begin?

Pearls & Swine evolved and developed over several years, it all began with a SCARF! As I knitted it the Gates of Reluctance which had kept my dreaded creativity at bay were opened and i was never able to shut them again. Each idea, each creation is a step on a journey.... each day has been a lesson which has resulted in what you see now! Admittedly you only see about 100 products however there are literally thousands of creations I have been fortunate to make! I have a huge archive which I hope will inspire my customers in dreaming up something amazing that I can concoct!

So if you're going to be feeling rather devilish this Halloween, you must must must enter this spooky giveaway. To get your grubby little mits on this sparkly sparkly devil horns fascinator you have three opportunities to win:

A) Follow this blog and leave a comment below this post.

B) Follow our twitter @vintagefair and leave a comment with your twitter name.

C) "Share" the original blog link from our Facebook pages, that'll be our main page or any of the individual city pages. 

The closing date for this giveaway is Friday 19th October and is only open to UK residents.
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  1. I love Pearls and Swine!
    Followed the blog and twitter and shared the post on Facebook!
    Fingers Crossed

    1. Hi Betty,

      You are our lucky winner!

      Can you e-mail us at with your postal address?

      Gina x

    2. Oh my, thank you!
      Will send you an email now :)

  2. Following on Twitter - 'LittleDinosaur_'

  3. I have friends that will love this, loving Pearls & Swine