Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hot Under The Fur Collar

Lucille Ball in Dance Girl Dance

The winter coat. A nightmare for me as I'm always wanting a new one every year, I never seem to find the perfect one! Well this year has to be different, I'm determined to find that ideal winter cover up. More than likely it will have one huge faux fur collar. Remember these gorgeous girls from my Bright Young Twins interview? They were snapped by Anne Bernecker in two very glamorous collared coats. 

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the best faux fur collar coats from our Vintage Fairs up and down the country. These portable radiators are guaranteed to glam up your vintage outfits for the cold dark nights that are already closing in on us.

Feeling 70s? This stunning paisley printed baby fits the bill. More of a "black goes with everything" kind of girl? Here's a coat for you. More of a 40s lady? Going with tweed will suit your look.

These huge coats need nipping in at the waist, so look for belted styles to create an hourglass silhouette. If you're more of a print person, we even had some kooky, almost cartoon leopard print in Northampton.

 So hop along to our fair in Newcastle this weekend to find your new winter coat!
Gina x

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  1. I would really love a fur coat, but I cannot decide as to whether I want all entire fur coat or just a tie up tweed with fur around the collar. I think I either want a 30s or 40s fur too, oh why is it so hard to find the perfect fur even though there as rails full of them at fairs? Maybe it is because I m very picky when it comes to buying vintage,
    Love Lil x