Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Jessie Rose Trip

She's set to be the break through artist of the next year, and though that's all well and good, I want to know more about this girls' wardrobe. Her flamboyant stage shows need equally showy outfits and it's obvious Jessie loves a bit of vintage. We meet Jessie Rose to talk lycra, red hair dye and her handsome backing band.

You appear to be open to mixing your eras Jessie, for example you've got lycra and Little Mermaid style red hair going on while you perform in front of your art deco influenced band logo. Talk to me about vintage and how it works in your wardrobe.

Much like when it comes to music I'm in to lots of different varying styles. I like what I like but would never want to pigeon hole myself in to a particular decade or genre. Generally I love mixing vintage with a touch of high street, but I'm really fussy about making sure I stay individual and don't like strictly following trends. It's tricky when I'm on stage though because I have to be quite practical with throwing myself around the stage willy nilly and because I have to leave room for my guitar to dangle around my neck as well, it's like a gigantic necklace! I feel like one of the boys when I'm on stage sometimes. The lycra leggings are just a safe bet for keeping me decent and so I'm not afraid I'm going to suddenly give the audience a show of more than they were expecting! Yikes!

Jessie Jessie Jessie. Can you teach me how to look that good in leggings please? In fact, don't answer that. But do tell us, how and where did your style evolution start? With a bottle of red hair dye perchance?!

How'd ya guess? I actually started dying my hair red when I was 13 and I've not really digressed very far from it since! It's become part of me now, I really couldn't even imagine me going back to my natural dark brown hair colour. I've always been hugely in to fashion, it's one of my big loves along side music of course! The two walk hand in hand. My mum was and still is a big influence on me, she's always taken pride in her appearance and has always gone for the more daring and bold approach! We're not ones to blend in, let's put it that way.

Is it just co-incidence that your band are equally stylish fellows? Or has their been a conscious effort made to create the Jessie Rose Trip image?

Both the boys pose more than me given the opportunity! They love fashion as well but I think it has been encouraged by playing in a band with me. I've not had to corner them in a vintage store in order to get them to make an effort though. The only time I'll maybe dictate what they wear is if I'm wearing a particular colour that may clash with something they'll be wearing, we wouldn't want that now would we!

Come on then, where do you shop?

Everywhere! Love the northern quarter in Manchester, Brick Lane if I get chance whist I'm in London and independent vintage fairs like the one near me in Stockport called Village Vintage, it's absolutely amazing. High street wise I love Zara, Topshop tends to have nice bits and bobs in. If you 'dig deep' as my mum likes to say, you can sometimes find a little gem in H&M.

Three of your style icons - GO:
Coco Channel
Audrey Hepburn

Three musical influences - GO:
Jimi Hendrix
Billie Holiday
(This was tricky, I have TOO many!)

Where can we see you perform next? Anything musically exciting on the horizon?

Well we have a big Christmas show coming up at Manchester Academy 3 on the 15th Dec. It's going to be all singing, all dancing - I cannot wait! We also have a few other gigs in the diary as well, they're listed on our Facebook page and follow us on twitter @JessieRoseTrip to find out more about our upcoming tour.

To hear more of Jessie's tunes, head over to her Soundcloud or have a little watch of this vid of Jessie playing at SXSW. "You can't expect a girl to play guitar in heels" - brilliant quote! And there are those ridiculous leggings again...woof!

Gina x

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