Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The York Vintage Fair

Oh York. You've not had the best time have you? Just look at those river banks! But at least you had a sweet looking Vintage Fair to put those smiles back on your faces, eh? 

The Guildhall was home to a fabulous host of retro and vintage clothing and accessories for the day. The boys have been very lucky recently, just look at all the jackets, shirts and jumpers Minimum Mouse had to offer. Itchycoo had a rail of kooky dresses and this polka dot dress probably won't be around for much longer. And did your Nannan have one of those clocks too?

 Jeny & Amber always have a really great selection of vintage lovingly hung up in colour order, it takes some of the rummaging pressure off of your shoulders! Shirts were everywhere at our fair, and these guys had a fab selection in bright colors, classic and quirky prints as well as cute collars that would look brilliant poking out of a cable knit jumper.

Oh for a smaller waist! This hand made shift dress from Jeny & Amber catches my eye everytime I see it, you might not be able to see on the photo but the gold tear drop pattern actually follows a rainbow colour scheme as it goes down the dress. It's absolutely gorgeous, and such a sweet tag too (and price no?).

There are always an array of statement pieces at our fairs and these three from our York Fair don't disappoint. That little black velvet number - and I mean little(!)- will see you through this winter. But if you want to be turning heads in the office, you definitely will in this mad 80s suit jacket. I'm always a sucker for a 60s/70s printed dress, so this shift is just up my street.

Syd and Mallory add to classic vintage items, they chop and change, cut and sew and create unique clothing for the modern vintage lover. Find them on ASOS Marketplace or in The Forum in Sheffield.

 Well, that's me done. I think I'll be needing a brew. If only I could have one in this particularly pretty tea set from Nest Vintage. And a cream scone. I'll be seeing you all again in Birmingham on the 6th October, or Loughborough on the same date. Are you coming? What are you going to be keeping your eyes out for?
Gina x

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  1. Oh I do love that blue polka dot dress! Good luck with the York fair,
    Love Lil x