Monday, 22 October 2012

The Duvet Hey-Day!

I'm feeling rather homely today. I've just blitzed my little terrace house ready for my lovely housemates to come home to. There are even flowers in the vase and godammnit I might just bake a batch of cakes! After rummaging around my own bedroom I smiled at my 70s duvet cover - I found it hiding in a charity shop in Gainsborough (of all places) - and my love for retro bedding simply grows and grows.

For something special
This is for 40s and 50s ladies out there, look no further than Horrockses bed linen. My favourite collection has to be Sophia. It rolls in at £90 for a double and two Oxford pillow cases. Nevertheless, it really is very handsome and you can only expect superb quality from a name like Horrockses.

For the genuine article
eBay is the place to be getting your true vintage bedding. Now, some might turn their noses up at the thought of second-hand duvet covers, but if you're after something seriously kitsch you'll find some gems! Just like this bright blue paisley and floral double. 

For the best floral pattern
V&A  have a vintage inspired set that rivals most floral covers. The blue pinstripe creates a lovely contrast to the classic rose detail. They have some others in a similar style, but this is by far the best.

For the best retro novelty print
Joules have recently launched a line of reversible bedding, bold colours and stripes on one side with florals and patterns on the other. This is my top choice, the kooky circus print. It's apparently for boys,  but why should they get all the pretty things?

For the classic vintage bedroom
Dorma are well known for high quality bed linen in classic patterns and colours. Though yes, your grandma probably has this set, she knows her stuff as this is a classic pattern in a beautiful dusky pink. If you can afford to have all the fancy pillows and cushions, it only looks better for it! Go mad!

For those of us on a budget
Now, TJ Hughes is one of my favourite places to find a bit of a bargain (but I rarely admit it) and I reckon they have a great range of bedding. This cover comes in duck egg blue, baby pink and this less traditional green. It comes in at £29.99 for a double duvet set with pillow cases. 

What is your retro bedding style? Do you have any vintage linen to share with us?
Gina x

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