Monday, 1 October 2012

The Sheffield Vintage Fair: Grand Old Ukes

We had a double whammy this weekend in Sheffield and in York, keeping it strong and northern. To make sure that all the new Sheffield freshers knew they were definitely in Yorkshire, we had special guests The Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire entertain the crowds in the Town Hall in our homeland of Sheffield. The Grand Old Ukes are Duncan and Bassy, two of Sheffield's finest musicians (no, really). After queuing up to see them at this years Tramlines festival, I couldn't squeeze in the venue to see them so went and watched a proper band. But you know, whatever. 

We caught up with the boys before their various sets to see what one earth they're all about...

Who are you?
We are The Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire. Sheffield's second favourite Ukulele band.

OK. So what do you actually do?
We play all your guilty pleasures, think TLC, Celine Dion, B*Witched, now think Ukulele, and 

finally think Yorkshire and you'll be pretty near! We also run Team Building days which are great
 fun! You can find out more about those at our website which is hidden within this sentence. 

Why Ukuleles of all the instruments in all the world?

Why Ukuleles? It was all we could afford! Plus, Bassy has gout so any instrument where you
need to use your feet is out.

Our customers are stylish folk, what will you be wearing to The Vintage Fair?

We will probably be wearing our self promotional band tour t-shirts. The tour dates only go up to

 May 2012, so that counts as retro right? Aside from finding clean trousers/sarongs we will 
DEFINITELY be wearing Marks and Spencer underwear. There is no alternative for comfort,
 support and style.

Here are the boys in action...are you quite ready?

You can find out more by following the boys on Facebook and chatting to them on twitter @Grandoldukes1

Do you want to entertain the vintage loving crowds at any of our fairs? Get in touch...

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